Military Time Chart

Military Time Chart helps you to easily convert the Military Time into Standard Time. It is also known as 24 Hour Clock Time.

Regular TimeMilitary Time
Midnight (12:00 AM)0000
1:00 AM0100
2:00 AM0200
3:00 AM0300
4:00 AM0400
5:00 AM0500
6:00 AM0600
7:00 AM0700
8:00 AM0800
9:00 AM0900
10:00 AM1000
11:00 AM1100
Regular TimeMilitary Time
Noon (12:00 PM)1200
1:00 PM1300
2:00 PM1400
3:00 PM1500
4:00 PM1600
5:00 PM1700
6:00 PM1800
7:00 PM1900
8:00 PM2000
9:00 PM2100
10:00 PM2200
11:00 PM2300

About Military Time Chart

Don't know how to read military time and convert it into the regular time? Use the military time chart to convert the 24-hour clock time into regular time easily and quickly.

Military Time Chart | 24 Hour Clock

What is Military Time?

It is a method to express time used by the military, hospitals, government, public transportation, meteorologists, astronomers, and several emergency services like law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical personnel.

Even more, it's referred to as the 24-hour clock and is commonly used in non-English speaking countries of Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. In addition, it operates on a 24-hour clock format and beginning from midnight at 0000 hours and ending at 2300 hours.

How to read Military Timing System?

It's very simple to read the military timing. The new day begins at midnight and we can write it as 0000. The last-minute of the day is written as 2359. That is one minute before the next midnight begins. Also, some people may write midnight as 0000 or 2400.

From 12:00 AM midnight to 12:00 PM noon, the military time is written the same as the regular time without a colon(:). That is 0000 to 1200.

But from 12:00 PM noon to 12:00 AM midnight, the 24-hour clock time is written differently.

For example,

  • 01:00 PM = 1300
  • 02:00 PM = 1400
  • 03:00 PM = 1500
  • and so on to...
  • 11:00 PM = 2300

Also, refer the military time chart for reading practice.

How to write Military Time?

Various organizations and professional groups write the regular time differently. Usually military, emergency services, and hospitals write it as hours and minutes without any colon and space.


0210 = 02 Hours and 10 Minutes.

To express time in seconds, a colon is inserted between the minutes and seconds as:


0315:25 = 03 Hours, 15 Minutes, and 25 Seconds.

How to Convert Military Time to Regular Time?

You can use the military time chart to do this type of conversion easily and quickly. But in case you are a math freak or wish to understand how to convert military time to regular time manually, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, separate the hour and the minutes.
  2. The first two digits denote the hour and the last two denote the minutes
  3. In case, the time is smaller than 1200, then put the colon(:) in between hours and minutes and write AM afterward.
  4. If the time is larger than 1200, then subtract the hours or first two digits by 12 to get the regular time and then write PM afterward.
  5. Both time systems use the minutes in the same way. So, no conversion is required for minutes and you can write it as it is.

Let's take some examples to understand it.

Example 1

Suppose, Military timing is: 1430. Convert it into regular time.

Firstly, let's separate hours and minutes.

So, Hours = 14 and Minutes = 30

Here we can see the time is larger than 1200. So, we will subtract the hours by 12.

14 - 12 = 2 Hours

So, Regular time: 2:30 PM.

Example 2

Military timing: 1015. Find regular time.

After separation, hours = 10 and minutes = 15.

Here, the time is smaller than 1200. So, we will just put the colon(:) between hours and minutes.

Regular time: 10:15 AM.

How to convert Regular Time to Military time?

  1. If the regular time is in AM, just remove the AM and the colon.
  2. Also, if the hour is in a single digit, then add '0' before it. Because military timing includes two digits for hours as well as minutes.
  3. If the time in PM, then add the hours by 12 to get the military time hours.
  4. No change in minutes and remove the PM and colon.

Let's take some examples.

Example 1

Regular time: 02:15 AM

Here the time is in AM. So, we just remove the AM and colon.

Military timing: 0215.

Example 2

Regular time: 03:30 PM

Here the time is in PM. Therefore, we will add the hours by 12.

So, 03 + 12 = 15 Hours.

No change in minutes. we will place minutes as it is.

So, Military timing: 1530.

Uses of 24 Hour Clock Time

  • Most importantly, the 24 Hour Clock Time is used to avoid any sort of confusion between AM and PM. Sometimes, we all have accidentally set our alarm for 7:00 PM, rather than 7:00 AM. The 24-hour time system eliminates confusion because the numbers never repeat themselves.
  • It helps calculate time duration easily. For example, you have to calculate the time duration between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM. In military format, it is 1030 and 1730. Now you can easily subtract both times and calculate the time duration. 1730 – 1030 = 7 hours.
  • It uses in certain services like emergency responders and aviation.
  • It is also preferred in maintaining business records and travel information billboards.

Features of Military Time Chart

  • Easy to read and understand: The military time chart is designed in a way to help you read and understand it effortlessly. You just need to search the regular time from the left side column of the chart and find the military timing corresponding to it.
  • No prerequisites: Our website does not ask you to log in, sign up or install anything in order to use the chart. All you need is a device with an active internet connection and browser support in order to access it.
  • No hidden charges: The website is absolutely free to use and does not include any type of hidden charge.
  • Comprehensive: 24 Hour Clock chart is comprehensive and includes all the necessary things that you need to convert military time into regular time and vice-versa.

History of Military Time System

This time system dates back to the Early Egyptians in the 11th dynasty. It first appeared in a coffin lid, famous as "Diagonal Star Table". Egyptians synchronized this time system with several patterns of constellations passing through the sky during the night. The system was defined by the amount of light intensity present during the day and season.

As the world progressed, major improvements were witnessed in strategy and communication. The 24-hour clock was one of the many improvements. It was way better than the 12-hour clock because the latter posed too much room for error.

It is quite well established and is the most commonly used interval notation in the world. The United States Navy adopted the 24-hour system in the year 1920 and the United States Army did it in 1942. The USA switches back and forth between 12-hour and 24-hour time systems for neither of the systems has been set as the standard.

24-Hour Clock in Military

"Curiosity killed the cat". You must have heard this saying often. However, in the case of the military, it is the ambiguity that kills the cat. Ambiguity can disrupt operations and missions and can lead soldiers and other personnel to the wrong paths.

This is why the military uses a 24-hour time system. It eliminates the possible confusion between PM (evening hours) and AM (morning hours).

One might think there is still a risk of a mix-up between AM and PM. The military has to continually switch between various time zones and has to use a military alphabet system for that. Suppose "Alpha", "Charlie", and "Mike" time zones are "A", "C", and "M" times, respectively. Such times can be easily misunderstood if regular time was used. The 24-hour system comes into use now.

In addition, the 24-hour time system makes time-telling as well as time-keeping easy and simple. Also, it prevents uncertainty and confusion.


Yes, military timing is popularly referred to as the 24-hour clock time.

No, you can't use it offline. You need a device with an active internet connection to use it.

Regular time is the usual 12-hour clock time in which the time is divided into two twelve-hour blocks. The first block starts at 12:00 AM and runs till 12:00 PM, and the second block starts at 12:00 PM and ends at 12:00 AM. With regular time, you must always mention AM or PM. So, one does not get confused as to whether you are referring to the first half or second half of the day.

Yes, you can write it as 2400 or 0000.

Suppose your friend says "Let's catch up at 8:30". Now, this is regular time and the absence of AM or PM creates a lot of confusion for you as to whether your friend meant morning or evening. But if he says "Let's catch up at 20:30", it is easily understood that it's evening.

4:00 PM = 1600